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The perfect online drawing courses for beginners

Julia G.: Before and after comparison

The first project of "Drawing Course Masterclass" will be drawing your own hand. At the end of the course you will draw the same hand again.
 Julia has kindly agreed to have this picture published. She is the clear example that even people with little/no previous experience/talent can master drawing for themselves if the right guidance is available, as in this course.


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Meet our students

Drawing is like holiday now

Tanja L.

"This course has given me so much more than just the ability to draw. I had such stressful days, and I still do. But since I learned to draw properly, it's just not the same anymore. It's really nice to come home and look forward, apart from my family, to something so relaxing and energising that I really enjoy.”

highly recommended

Steven M., from USA

"This course is the best drawing thing that has ever happened to me. I am so glad that I am taking these lectures and drawing lessons. I felt very insecure about my lines and shading but thats completely gone because really understand whats really going on now...i highly recommend it to every beginner."

this course has been a bliss

John P., from Australia

"This course has been a bliss. While I had a good hand at drawing, I barely had any knowledge of the basics and this has covered pretty much everything you need to know to get better at art. amazing."

great course

Vanessa D., from USA

"It was a great course. It was simple for someone like me to understand and I could see my drawing professions as I actually drew along with the lesson instead of just watching it."

Amazing Course

Nadim C., from Ireland

"Amazing Course. One of the best courses I took and I really like the lovely and supportive community form the facebook group. Many Thanks!"

smart and simple

Meike B., from Canada

"Great course for all types of art lovers. Enjoyed all the practice exercises and simple ways of doing things."

I can draw now :D

Hina Y., from USA

"I'm so glad I took this course, I was always my wish to study fashion design but I knew I needed at least some drawing skills. This course made it possible for me and I really appreciate work they put in this course. Loved it!!"

Clear instructions

Tasiar O., from USA

"I recommend this art platform because it gives you the most important fundamentals of drawing and thats the most important thing as I learned. Also I'm a beginner and its good to go through all kinds of areas like drawing people but also nature and animals. That way you can figure out what you actually enjoy to draw. Cepo a good man. Thanks."

lots of valuable techniques

Samantha P., from UK

"I went through the two courses and I really enjoyed it and learn many valuable techniques although Im not a beginner. Plus I like the people in the FB Group. I aways get good ideas from there when I don't know what to draw."

Wonderful course

Victoria G., from Canada

"Wonderful course. Subjects are structured very well and speaker has a good voice to follow even for a long time. Never thought that drawing can be that easy :) I had a lot of fun!"

Learn from a national winner in drawing

Step-by-Step, Germany's national drawing champion, Cepand Yegani (Cepo), will guide you through each course you choose and give you his most valuable drawing techniques.

Become part of our active artist family

There is nothing better than a strong community with which you can grow daily and which is there for you when you need help. Over 2600 people have attended our courses, but we've recently created an exclusive Facebook group to bring participants together even better. Share with your fellow travelers your work in the group, and get direct feedback that will move you forward. You will have unlimited access to the group. Even after you finished the course you can keep growing with your artist family.

What else is included in every course?

  • Personal support and guidance from the instructor and his assistants entertaining approach

  • A list of the materials you need for drawing

  • A clearly structured, informative, practical and entertaining approach

  • A great active Facebook community, with many experienced artists who want to help you and grow with you (even after completing the online course)

  • Unrestricted lifelong access

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We want you to feel relaxed and be able to enjoy your drawing journey. Thats why we offer you a full money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of your course purchase - no questions asked.

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